Letter from customer 2017.05.09
thinnakorn <poon@gmail.com> 於 2017年5月9日 上午9:38 寫道:   hi I'm appreatiate for your service during my trip in Taiwan . Our group are enjoy with your auto and sure we do need using
Letter from customer 2017.04.09
Excellent experience renting from Formosa. Karen nd her colleague were incredibly responsive and professional. The car had great fuel efficiency and served us well. Rates are same as other Taiwane
Letter from customer 2017.03.27
Greg <gb@big.com> 於 2017年3月27日 下午5:49 寫道:   Hi Karen, My friends and I had an outstanding experience in Taiwan.&nbs
Letter from customer 2017.03.10
Alexander <a@hotmail.com> 於 2017年3月10日 上午4:37 寫道: Dear Karen, I would like to thank you again for your very professional service and also for the kind and reliable way Amy has been dealing w
Letter from customer 2017.02.27
Mike <mike@hotmail.com> 於 2017年2月27日 下午2:17 寫道: Dear Karen.... Just a thank you for the great service I received from Formosa Car Rental.  I will certainly let people know about the
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